mQ knobs freeware
Sound editor software for the Waldorf microQ


What is new in mQknobs freeware 1.3 compared to former freeware versions < 1.2?
- Now your midi settings will be stored in an INI file. Once you have setup your midi parameters you do not have to enter them on startup again and again
Bendrange and keytrack is supported now
- FM support for OSC1
- Noise generator included
- More parameters for filter settings
- Octave change included
- Better knob handling with two user adjustable speeds (via Shift button)
- Fully compatible with
"mQknobs pro 3.0" mqs files.
- Lots of minor bugs fixed

What is missing in the freeware version compared to the "pro" version?
- Sound request feature "reads" sounds from the microQ. This enables you to load any sound into mQknobs and you can look how it was made and/or change it.
- Full FX support with reverb library (store your own reverb defaults or use one of the nice presets)
- Modmatrix support (4 standard modifiers, 4 fast modifiers, 4 modifiers - all on one screen!)
- Arpeggiator support using the same symbols as the microQ but all tracks/parameters on one screen!
- Arpeggio pattern library is included, that lets you
store, load and use pattern from any sound.
- Drummapper for quick and easy creation of drummaps
- Sound import and export for common SYX format
- Sound naming feature
- Random sound generator with different levels (from subtile change to total change)
- noise generator support
- full FM support
- keytrack feature
- bendrange settings
- full LFO 1-3 support
- octave change (+/-) for all OSCs at once
- Amplifier volume and velocity settings
- Envelope presets for quick results

- Env3 + Env4 support
- better knob handling with two useradjustable speed modes (fast/slow change with [Shift] key)
- Amplifier and pitch modulation
- ... and many more optimizations

You might want to check out the screenshots of all those nice additional features :)

Due a bug in the Win2000 SP2 and Win XP multimedia engine any mQknobs version does not recognize the external keyboard when used with this OS. This means you can not play your sounds on the keyboard while programming sounds with mQknobs when you have Win2000 SP2 or Win XP installed. (Though there is a "softkeyboard" in mQknobs that enables you to play some notes via mouse. Also in many cases you can run another sequencersoftware to use an external keyboard but actually this is not recommended) Other Windows versions (i.e. Win95, Win98, and even Win2000 without servicepack 2) work fine.


Download freeware version

Windows 95/98/2000 Download freeware version 1.3.5 (1,8 MB) - Fixes "Error 13" for Win XP. This freeware version supports all basic features and file saving!

You may take a look at the online manual of the "pro" version which is working for most features of the freeware version.

This software is freeware. It may be copied for private or professional use. Distribution on shareware- or freeware CDs or any other media is prohibited without explicit permission of the copyright owner (mixed mode music).

Previous versions:

Windows 95/98/2000 Download freeware version 1.3 (1,8 MB) - This freeware version supports all basic features and file saving!

Windows 95/98/2000 Download freeware version 1.2 (1,2 MB) - This freeware version supports all basic features and runs very stable.

Windows 95/98/2000 Download freeware version 1.1 (1,2 MB) - Sorry, this version is no longer available for download.

Windows 95/98/2000 Download Beta 0.2.3 (1,2 MB) - This version is running absolutely stable - no problems reported!

Windows 95/98/2000 Download Beta 0.2.0 (1,2 MB)


Last change: March 22-2002