December 2004

The demosong is finaly available! The MachineDrum Library contains over 2150 samples now and the first series is beeing in production.


Juli 2004

Our shop is beeing redesigned. At the moment only bank transfer and PayPal payments can be accepted. This way of payment is safe for the customer as it can be fully tracked (also look at our PayPal rating).


November 2003

Our latest and fattest sound library is on the way. The beta candidate for the Machinedrum Library contains over 1.500 sounds and is currently being tested by some well known professional producers.


UltraBeatz Constructionset in Direct link to review article 10/2002!

Some additions to the "Keys" Article:
- There are no Loops on the UltraBeatz CD. (For Loops check out our "135 Degrees" CD)
- The Song on the "Keys" CD is not our demo song. Our more complex demotrack can be found here.
- The article can be found here (german).

The "UltraBeatz" CD is already used by:
- Jam & Spoon ("... most parts are very, very good!", "... I still use your sounds for my tracks!")
- Anthony Rother (Producer of Sven Vaeth, Kraftwerk and others)
- Doug Laurent (Producer for "Culture Beat", "La Bouche" and many others)
- Daniel Troha (Producer for "Four Colors", "No Angels", "Sarah Connor" and many others)
- Tom Wax ("Itīs our future" and many remixes for top hits)
- DJ Miss Shiva ("Do You Feel So Right", "My Secrets", "Dreams" and more)
- and many others (detailed list coming soon)



January 2002

We proudly announce that our Dance & Techno Constructionkit for the Q and microQ from now on will be an official Waldorf soundset! Check out the Sounds 4 Synths area for demos!